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Holly Semanoff at the 2014 NPC Universe where she won her IFBB Pro card!
Rachael Loftis winning the OVERALL and IFBB Pro card at the 2014 NPC Junior Nationals!
IFBB Pro Crystal Green during prejudging at the 2013 IFBB Tampa Pro!
IFBB Pro Crystal Green before prejudging at the 2013 IFBB Tampa Pro!
Amy Updike after winning her class at her first figure competition!
Amy Updike going over posing with Tiffany Heugly at the 2013 NPC Team Universe!
Tiffany Heugly & Holly Semanoff: Prego to Fit!
Crystal Green moments before winning her IFBB PRO card!
Overall Winner of the 2012 NPC UTAH NATURAL
2012 March NPC Utah
Kendi Charls at the 2011 NPC USA
Overall Winner at the 2011 NPC UTAH MAX CURRY
Tiffany Heugly at the NPC Excalibur